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Internet Radio Stations vs. Terrestrial Radio Stations

You probably already know that terrestrial radio stations sell their advertising based
on their local market, which is defined by demographics of their local population and
general information about how many of those people listen to the radio and how they listen.

Their statistics help you feel as though you are targeting your marketing.

However, the terrestrial radio listener is a disengaged listener - they are listening
while they are driving, or cooking, or some other activity.

No one is focused on their radio while they are listening,
except perhaps to switch stations as soon as commercials begin to play...
Internet radio stations can actually help you reach more customers in two ways:

1) Customers listening to your ads via the internet are a captive audience
because they are focused and interacting with their internet device while they are listening.

2) Internet radio listeners are all about convenience - it is very easy
for them to click on your ad or type in your web address and immediately find out more about
your product or special offer. This listener does not need to remember to do this later.


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